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The Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Steering Committee is responsible for the governance, strategic direction and ongoing development of the CCB Standards, ensuring that they stimulate and promote land management activities that credibly mitigate global climate change, improve the wellbeing and reduce the poverty of local communities, and conserve biodiversity. The CCB Steering Committee comprises representatives of each Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) member organization and is co-chaired by Verra and the CCBA Secretariat. Read more about the CCB Standards.


John Drexhage, International Institute for Sustainable Development and Ecoresources

Tom Evans, Wildlife Conservation Society

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VCUs issued by projects that meet additional requirements can be tagged with a label that allow the associated VCU to be traded in certain markets. These labels can indicate a project’s compliance with non-VCS standards programs or that it is qualified to be traded in specific markets. Some of these labels pertain to other Verra standards, such as the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards, while others are external to Verra, such as the W+ Standard for projects that empower women.

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