Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Approved 26 October 2022

This methodology is applicable to a wide range of improved forest management (IFM) practices and employs standardized approaches for demonstration of additionality and derivation of project baselines to simplify the application of the methodology.

Eligible projects must adopt one or more specific, non-pre-existing, IFM practices. The focus of accounting is on estimation of GHG emissions and/or carbon stock change on permanent plots, not on estimation of stocks per se, therefore improving the precision of reported GHG emission reductions and/or removals.

The methodology employs a broad monitoring and accounting framework that captures the GHG impacts of IFM practices aimed at avoiding emissions (from harvest or natural disturbance) or enhancing sequestration. Projects may apply a combination of practices implemented together in the same area.

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This methodology was open for public comment from 17 August 2020 until 16 September 2020.