Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


Under Development

Verra is currently running a public consultation on updates to all VCS Avoiding Unplanned Deforestation and/or Degradation (AUDD) methodologies (VM0006, VM0007, VM0009, VM0015, and VM0037). The purpose of the proposed revisions is to ensure consistency of these methodologies while Verra transitions to a new consolidated REDD methodology.

Updates Open for Public Consultation

The following is a list of updates open for consultation that would be included in all AUDD methodologies:

  1. Revisions to the procedures and criteria for delimiting reference regions;
  2. Standardization of the approach for projecting the location of future deforestation;
  3. Standardization of the approach for projecting deforestation rates using the historical average, unless a significant increasing or decreasing trend in the deforestation rate can be demonstrated; and
  4. Revisions to capturing remote sensing and field data uncertainties and ensuring conservative calculations of net emission reductions.

The proposed revisions were developed with Verra’s guidance by Tim Pearson (GreenCollar), Till Neeff (independent consultant), and Simon König (Climate Focus). They are open for public consultation from 5 October to 6 November 2022.

After the consultation, Verra will revise each individual methodology and have it assessed by a validation/verification body to ensure that it meets the VCS Program rules and requirements.


Verra hosted a webinar on 13 October at 11:00 am EDT to provide an overview of the proposed revisions to AUDD methodologies.


Please use the comment template to submit your feedback on the proposed revisions to

Document History

Public Comment

This methodology was open for public comment from 18 May 2009 until 16 June 2009. Public comments are closed.