Sectoral Scope

14. Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use


On Hold 10 March 2022

Second AssessorSCS Global Services

Verra performed a review of the methodology in accordance with Section 9 of the Methodology Approval Process v4.0 and determined that it requires substantive revisions to update the approach to set the baseline for SOC stocks and to avoid overlap with newer ALM methodologies. The methodology was put on hold on 10 March 2022.

In order to reinstate the methodology, it can be revised and approved via the process set out in Section 4 of the Methodology Approval Process v4.0.

This modular methodology is designed to be applicable to ALM projects, including changes to agricultural practices, grassland and rangeland restorations, soil carbon protection and accrual benefits from reductions in erosion, grassland protection projects and treatments designed to improve diversity and productivity of grassland and savanna plant communities. The associated modules provide methods for quantifying and montioring changes in carbon accrual in, and emissions from, soils as well as from other GHG pools and sources that may be affected by AFOLU projects.


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This methodology was open for public comment from 5 October 2011 until 3 November 2011. Public comments are closed.